Kyms Academy


Kym’s Academy is our educational component here at MBW. This academy is serving kids in our community by offering online high school diplomas to students who are at risk and between the ages of 16 through 24. With accredited online programs such as Penn Foster and the Smart Horizons, our students are earning their education through these online courses.

MBW looks for opportunities to help transform youth. Since the launch of Kym’s Academy and MBW Career and Technical School in November, we’ve enrolled 33 students. Our goal is to provide high school diplomas and life skills courses to all trainees enrolled in our MBW program. The trainees in our program choose to either learn a skill at the workshop or at our café and bakery. In addition, they are to spend half of their day at the academy, dedicating their time to earning a high school diploma if they haven’t attained one already.

This process assures that any trainee who graduates from our program will not only have the professionalism and skill set to work in the community, but also a diploma that will increase their chances of finding a job and advancing to college.